Philippine Jewelry : Blending Tribal / Ethnic and Pre-Columbian tradition

Tribal / Ethnic jewelry: Handcrafted by the people indigenous to the Philippines before Spain's arrival. This consists of jewelry made from colorful seashells, semi-precious stones, and rocks that are finely polished. These ancient artisans selected these materials from a close proximity from where they lived.

Pre-Columbian jewelry: Later Spain's influence is a style that is more traditional to jewelry that we see today. This consists of necklaces, earrings, broaches, and bracelets, using metals of gold and silver, as well as real pearls.

Modern Filipino jewelry of today's expression.

The jewelry tradition is remembered from a ago long ago. However, the design comes from the creativity of a Philippine artisan. Each piece is handcrafted by the artisan as well as designed. Its unique design is attractive and original. Each piece is a Unique, One-of-a-Kind Creation.

The tradition of Philippine jewelry making is preserved today and can be found in Philippine home-based businesses.

A rising commerce in the Philippine economy is the home-bases business or cottage industry. You can find the manufacturer of exquisite jewelry centered from the home or craftshop. A craftshop is when several artisans are employed together under one roof and can have from 8 to 10 people who specialize in jewelry making. Whether centered in the home or craftshop, the person responsible for jewelry making is given special attention to thorough training, becoming that of an artisan. These artisans make a full time living out of the jewelry they make.